Debut album All That Gets Left Behind, available now!

"A folk album whose storytelling is poetic with a touch of magic."

"Un album folk qui sait raconter des histoires avec poésie et un brin de magie."

- Y a pas deux matins pareils, Radio-Canada/CBC

Ink Sticks & Stones is the moniker of Toronto based singer-songwriter Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant. Her music blends folk storytelling/imagery with a modern sound based primarily in acoustic guitar and piano. Each of her songs lives in its own original story, while existing in an overall universe that is her musical playground.


Growing up, Ai Rei loved to read and get lost in stories and fables while listening to her father's record collection. Her music is a reflection of this part of her childhood, as her songs are primarily original stories or fables told through music. They range from robots falling in love, to an astronaut trying to find his home, to vampire children wishing they knew the love of parents. Ai Rei grew up in a house that spoke French, English, and Mandarin. The mix of various cultures is present in her music, as she weaves the sounds and instruments of her various cultures into a cohesive sound.


Her debut album All That Gets Left Behind is a mosaic about what it means to be a consequence of the decisions others make. How do we manage to find ourselves in the absence of our own choice?


© 2017 by N. Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant.

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